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How to Survive a Wildfire in Marin

Would you survive a wildfire in Marin?

Answer these 5 questions to find out!

1. If there is a wildfire close to you, will you get an alert on your phone?

Yes- I am signed up for Alert Marin. 

2. How should you prepare your car to evacuate?

Park it facing the street and make sure it has a full tank of gas or is fully charged. 

3. Do you know your evacuation route?

Yes- I have planned my route and I know to travel on established roads downhill to safety. Usually, you can go the same way you normally use to get to your grocery store or freeway!

4. How long does it take you to get your things together?

Less than 15 minutes! Depending on how close the wildfire is to your home, you may need to leave immediately. Packing a go-bag ahead of time and preparing on Red Flag Warning Days will help you be able to leave quickly. 

5. What should you wear when you evacuate?

Long sleeve 100% cotton or wool shirt, sturdy boots or shoes, and long pants. You will want to keep goggles and an N95 mask in your go-bag just in case. 

Getting an evacuation order can be overwhelming, but this is not the time to panic. If you are well prepared and think about these things ahead of time, you are more likely to survive a wildfire. 

Remember to sign up, pack, and plan.

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