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Fire Safe Marin Annual Report 2015


Fire Safe Marin has published our 2015 Annual Report.  Fire Safe Marin is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing Wildland Fire hazards and improving fire-safety awareness in Marin County, California. We foster community involvement by building partnerships and providing resources for mitigating fire danger.

Following a tremendous rebound in 2014, our projects and community involvement continued to grow with new grants awarded, unsolicited donations, energetic new Board members, and growing public awareness while facing the California’s extreme drought.  The 2015 fiscal year was a successful fundraising year, building a strong foundation of support for our programs in the next fiscal year. 

REVENUE: Total income was up 569% from 2014, largely due to grants from PG&E and CAL FIRE. Revenue came from private donations, including a donation from another local non-profit, “The Good Warrior,” which held community lemonade sales to promote our message.

EXPENSES: Total expenses were up 678% from 2014, because of the increased grant activity, projects, and bringing on a new paid Coordinator.   Other program, fundraising and general administrative expenses were up slightly from the prior fiscal year due the increased activity, and managed through spending control and sound financial practices.

In its 23rd year of operation, Fire Safe Marin continues to be a healthy, financially-stable organization thanks to the strong support of board members, donors and public agency partners. The information presented in the report is derived from Fire Safe Marin’s financial statements for the year that ended December 31, 2015.

Download the report:  pdfFIRESafe_MARIN_Annual_Report_2015_FINAL.pdf3.74 MB