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When it comes to water, use these essential fire-smart landscaping strategies:

  • Utilize compost and the right mulches appropriately to sustain soil moisture and plant health; healthy plants are resilient. 
  • Select water-wise, drought-tolerant plants to add to your garden. Avoid adding new plants in times of extreme drought.  
  • Learn the water requirements of different plants to water appropriately. 
  • Water in the early morning and stagger the schedule to allow roots to absorb the water slowly. Target watering at the base within the plant’s drip line.
  • Consider prioritizing valued plants and trees, and decreasing the number of other plants. Remove invasives, weeds, and dead plants. Make sure to plug the irrigation outlet after removal. 
  • Minimize fertilizing – rapid plant growth requires more water.
  • Keep irrigation system in good condition. Look into flow meters, soaker hoses, drip irrigation, and irrigation controllers to administer & monitor more effectively. 
  • Do not wet down your property on Red Flag Warning days. This depletes the water our fire personnel needs. Irrigate as normal.
  • Watch Fire Safe Marin video entitled: Prioritizing Landscaping During Drought at
  • Register for free curbside Chipper Days at to remove dead vegetation.

For more fire-smart landscaping tips, visit UC Marin Master Gardener website. &

Fire Safe Marin

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