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In areas of the country where there are hurricanes or tornadoes, people get alerts when such disasters are likely to happen to help them prepare. We can do the same for wildfires.  

Red Flag Warning Days give us a warning that the weather conditions are right for extreme wildfire events. These warnings are issued by the National Weather Service and go out to the Marin community through Nixle, news outlets, social media, and signs posted on major roads and intersections. 

What to do on a Red Flag Warning Day:

  • Review your wildfire evacuation checklist.
  • Clear anything combustible that is within 5ft of your house, including:
    • Leaves from roofs and gutters
    • Wicker lawn furniture and all cushions
    • Wood piles or debris near structures
    • Flammable doormats
  • Ensure your family and pets are prepared and keep your evacuation go-bag nearby.
  • Ensure your car has a full tank of gas or is fully charged.
  • Ensure your cell phone is charged, and monitor phones, radio, and TV for emergency alerts.
  • Keep hydrated – it’s usually warm and dry!

What not to do on a Red Flag Warning Day:

  • Don’t use barbecues or fire pits outdoors.
  • Don’t use power tools (gas or electric) or mowers.
  • Don’t smoke outdoors.
  • Avoid driving or parking in dry grass or vegetation.
  • Avoid closed areas and be alert while visiting (open) public lands where wildfires might occur.

Sign up for alerts, pack a go-bag, and make a plan. 

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