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On September 16, the first episode of Fire Safe Marin’s new show, Wildfire Watch, will be released. Watch on Comcast Cable Channel 30, AT&T Ch 99 and online here or stream at your convenience on Fire Safe Marin’s website, Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Record drought. Unpredictable winds. Climate change. All are making wildfires more intense and driving the busiest wildfire season ever. Over two million acres have burned in California in 2021, outpacing the 2020 season.  All Marin residents need to be prepared! Wildfire Watch will address your concerns, answer your questions, and give you the information you need to protect your family and your home. Episodes released monthly.

Meet the Fire Professionals in Episode 1: Ember Storms

Rich Shortall

The program host, Rich Shortall, brings his signature style and depth of experience as a firefighter and emergency service professional to Wildfire Watch an engaging conversation with residents and experts. Rich delves into a variety of important topics, brings your questions to the table and delivers practical and timely advice.

Mark Brown

Mark Brown, the Executive Officer of the newly established Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority (MWPA) and 30 year firefighter veteran, presents Fire Beat, a recurring segment that delivers up-to-the-minute news on fire activity and mitigation efforts throughout Marin. Mark gives us an insider’s view of the front lines of wildfire defense.       

Oscar Arenas

Special guest, Captain Oscar Arenas of the Marin County Fire Department, joins Rich in the studio to discuss his role as a first responder to wildfires. They explore the critical decisions it takes to assess the situation, get people to safety and contain a fire, stressing the importance of defensible space around a home as a critical factor in fire suppression.

Quinn Gardner

Emergency Manager Quinn Gardner of the City of the San Rafael Fire Department gives us a lesson in ember ignitions.  She demonstrates how embers tend to catch in certain plants, spreading fire to surrounding vegetation and to homes.  If you have ever wondered why Italian cypress, bamboo and juniper are considered fire hazards, Quinn’s demonstration shows convincing evidence.


Nicholas Rodriguez and Daniel Reese

Ross Valley Defensible Space Inspectors Daniel Reese and Nicholas Rodriguez are trained to spot fire hazards around homes and help viewers to do the same. They show us some of the most common issues they encounter – like fire ladders, combustible mulch and open vents – and provide practical fixes to these problems. 

View Wildfire Watch Episode 1:

Episode 1:

Ember Storms + When the Power Goes Out


September 16, 2021 at 6PM


Comcast Cable Channel 30, AT&T Ch 99 and online

Fire Safe Marin Facebook Page (on-demand)

Fire Safe Marin YouTube Channel (on-demand)

Fire Safe Marin

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