UC Master Gardener Tips

When it comes to water, use these important fire-smart landscape strategies

Here’s a UC Marin Master Gardener fire-smart landscaping tip for August:

  • Remove dead plants and debris.
  • Keep a vigilant eye on plants that may be suffering from drought.  If too drought damaged, a plant may not recover and will need to be removed.
  • Within 5 feet of the perimeter of structures on your property, move wood mulch or foundation plants to other locations on the property.
  • Keep your irrigation system in good condition to optimize water distribution to plants.  
  • Hand watering before 9 am when it’s cool is an option when irrigation is not optimized and water is restricted.  
  • Limit replacement plantings to climate appropriate plants such as California native species, and plants native to Mediterranean summer dry climates.
  • Do not wet down your property on Red Flag warning days. Water as normal.
  • Clearly mark all emergency (and other) water sources.
  • Create easy firefighter access to your closest emergency water source and provide extra hoses.

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