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UC Marin Master Gardener: Fire-Smart Landscaping Tip


Water Wise and Fire-Smart. 

Water is a precious resource in our drought prone climate. So, water wisely and make your garden fire-smart. Here’s what you can do:

Keep your garden free of dry grasses and dead plants.

Look at your plants to see if they are thriving. Test the soil moisture. Maintain your irrigation system so each plant gets the right amount of water.

Add mulch to retain water. Make sure to use the right type of mulch. Non-combustible mulch includes rock and gravel.

California Natives are a good choice for plants that use less water. Irrigate deeply and infrequently the first 1-2 years.

Don’t over water on Red Flag Days. This depletes the water our fire departments need. 

The UC Marin Master Gardeners’ Garden Walks program helps homeowners conserve water. If you would like to have two Master Gardeners visit your garden, use this url: .

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