Wildfire Safety Calendar

Being wildfire-adaptive means being prepared. By doing a little bit of work each month, you can keep your family and home safe.

January: Insurance

  • Review wildfire insurance by discussing your policy and coverage with your insurance agent.
  • Renters also need insurance.

February: Home Hardening

  • Install fire-resistant vents.
  • Review recommendations for home hardening.
  • Ensure gutters are properly screened.

March: Zone Zero

  • Remove all combustible materials within 5 ft of your home – the most important thing you can do to protect your home.
  • Use stone mulch to the reduce risk of home ignition
  • Clean your gutters
  • Clear beneath your decks

April: Chipper Day

  • Register for the free curbside Chipper Day Program at:
  • Remove hazardous plants such as bamboo, juniper and Italian cypress
  • Cut shrubs and limb trees to prevent the spread of fire

May: Ember Stomp

  • Bring your friends and family to Ember Stomp, Marin’s Wildfire Prevention Festival
  • Maintain your yard – cut grass, trim shrubs, and separate plants to stop fire from spreading.

June: Go Kit

  • Update a Go Kit for every person in your family, including your pets.
  • Check on family and neighbors to make sure they have an evacuation plan.

July: Evacuation Drills

  • Sign up for alerts and warnings at and
  • Review your evacuation plan within your family.
  • Time yourself packing and leaving in your car.

August: Red Flag Warnings

  • Prepare your home for strong wind events and potential ember showers.
  • Ensure you have a battery-operated weather radio and fresh batteries.
  • Review actions to take when a Red Flag Day is issued.

September: Fire Prevention Plan

  • Check the MWPA and local fire agencies for grant programs that help residents offset the cost of fire mitigation.
  • Use your Home Evaluation Report to prioritize work that needs to be done.
  • Create a budget to get the jobs done over time.

October: Power Outage Prep

  • Keep flashlights, lanterns and fresh batteries on hand.
  • Have a large battery ready if you need power for medical or mobility assistance. If you need help getting a battery, contact the Center for Independent Living at 415.459.6245.

November: Review

  • Fire season may not be over. Make sure you have completed all of your wildfire prevention work.

December: Community

  • Join a Firewise Site and get actively involved in protecting yourself and your community.