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View Marin’s WIldfire Detection Cameras Online

During California’s record drought of 2014, Fire Safe Marin, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), and Marin County Fire Department collaborated on the installation of a high-tech, remote wildfire detection system on four critical peaks in Marin county.  Fire Safe Marin donated the $207,000 system, funded through a partnership with PG&E, installing the special cameras, support software, servers, and panoramic monitoring displays in the Emergency Command Center in Woodacre, where dispatchers will have access to the system 24-hours a day during fire season.  The effort is part of an ongoing partnership between PG&E and private, public and community organizations to prevent additional fires from sparking during the California wildfire season, which typically reaches its peak in late fall.

Watch PG&E’s video on the statewide project, highlighting Marin as the first cameras installed in the system.

View the Live Marin County Fire Detection Camera Feeds Online

Additional information on the ForestWatch fire detection system is available from Marin County Fire Department.