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Wildfire Preparedness: A Community Responsibility


Follow Fire Safe Marin this Wildfire Preparedness Week, May 1-7, 2017

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Following one of California’s wettest winters, it may be difficult to believe that wildfire season in Marin is just a few weeks away.  As spring turns to summer and our green hills begin to brown, the threat of wildfire looms.  A record crop of grass is already helping spread wildfires to the south, and Marin is long overdue for a devastating fire…

Keep these conditions in mind as Fire Safe Marin and your local fire department observe Wildfire Preparedness Week May 1 – 7.  We invite you to take advantage of the many programs and services available to Marinites to better protect your homes from wildfire by visiting Fire Safe Marin’s NEW website

Fire Safe Marin, Marin County Fire Department, Novato Fire Protection District, Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection District, and other local agencies and neighborhoods are hosting events to help Marin residents better prepare for wildfires.

 Wildfire Community Preparedness Week: May 1-7, 2017

Saturday, May 6

 Sunday, May 7

  • Fire Safe Marin in partnership with PG&E will host a booth at the Civic Center Marin Farmers Market from 8-1.  We’ll have info on the Marin CWPP, Fire Hazards in Marin, the NEW Marin County FIRESafe Plant List and Defensible Space information from wildfire experts.   

Fire Safe Marin is a non-profit dedicated to bringing Marin residents, fire departments, public land managers, and community-groups together to reduce the risk of wildfire.  We offer education tools and events, manage fuel reduction projects, fund community “chipper days,” and other planning services. 

At, you’ll find detailed instructions and advice on how to create “defensible space” around your home, and will learn about fire resistant constructionbuilding materials, and other measures you can take to reduce the chances your home will ignite in a wildfire.  Work with your neighbors to learn how to be ready and support each other during a disaster.  Lastly, learn how you can quickly and safely evacuate your home should wildfire strike.

As we mark 2017 Wildfire Preparedness Week, Fire Safe Marin is actively engaging the community, continuing our most ambitious programs ever to reduce Marin’s wildfire threat.  With more than $1.2 million applied directly on wildfire hazard reduction projects in Marin in the last 3 years, our programs range from the installation of high-tech wildfire detection cameras, to funding neighborhood chipper programs and large scale fuel reduction programs.

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Marin has seen thousands of destructive wildfires, with the memory of huge fires like the Vision Fire in Inverness in 1995 and the Great Mill Valley Fire of 1929  forever etched in our minds.  Community safety depends on the strongest of partnerships that start at home, extends to your neighbors, and reaches across the entire community of Marin. 

Please join us to take action in your neighborhood today!  Marin’s wildfire safe future depends on ALL of us!