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Wildfire Watch TV – Coming September 16th!

Adapting to Wildfires in Marin

Wildfire Watch is a new one-hour show that will bring you up to speed on wildfire activity and what you need to do to keep safe in Marin. Fire Safe Marin brings together the leading experts on wildfire, emergency planning, and fire preparation to offer realistic solutions that will make a difference. Featured stories will take you to the front lines of wildfire defense, behind the scenes of Marin’s alert system, and prepare you for power outages. DIY segments show you home fixes for the most common fire hazards. Fire Beat offers a fast-paced look at wildfire prevention projects happening around the county, and Voices of Marin taps into the questions and concerns of residents throughout the area. 

Stream on-demand. The first episode is available September 16 with new episodes released monthly.  

Produced by Fire Safe Marin and funded by Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority.

Take a SNEAK PEEK at what is to come.


Episode 1: Sept 16, 2021
Ember Storms
When the Power Goes Out

Episode 2: Oct 14, 2021
Evacuation: Marin Has a Plan
The Problem with Bamboo

Episode 3: November 11, 2021
Let’s Talk about Trees
Fire Resistant Decks and Fences