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Engaging children of all ages in wildfire safety efforts

This year’s fire season has drastically affected many Americans across the nation. It has been so sad to hear about the tragic loss of lives, and property.  Children especially can feel vulnerable and scared when they hear about these events and have not had any education about what they can do to be prepared and help their family prepare before a wildfire.

State FarmNFPA has launched a new campaign called TakeAction in collaboration with State Farm Insurance that highlights activities and a contest for youth Child 2from the 6th through 12thgrades.   Take a look at the videos and opportunities for this age group to learn about what they can do and perhaps win a scholarship for project work completed. Information and resources for younger children are also available on the NFPA website

Scout leaders, schools and families can all help children and youth learn what part they can play to help their communities be safer by using the resources available.

Image credits: These images were submitted by American children to the NFPA. 

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