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Marin Wildfires Highlight Extreme Fire Danger

Two wildfires Friday and Saturday August 14 and 15 highlight Marin’s wildfire danger, as dozens of large fires burn across California and the western US.  Friday afternoon, a two acre vegetation fire burned in San Rafael near the Northgate Mall, threatening structures as firefighters arrived.  Arson is suspected in the San Rafael fire.  Earlier today, a vegetation fire ignited near the Bon Tempe water treatment plant above Phoenix Lake in Ross.  Firefighters contained the fire at just 1/8 acre despite the hot, dry conditions.

Fire Managers in the Marin County Fire Department Emergency Command Center in Woodacre were able to locate and monitor the Phoenix Lake fire using Marin’s Wildfire Detection Camera System.

Marin’s Wildfire Detection Camera System Monitors a Wildfire Near Phoenix Lake Earlier Today

What Can I Do to Protect My Home and Family?

Fire Safe Marin reminds Marin residents to take action now to protect your home and family – it’s not too late, as the worst months of fire-season still lay ahead.  Take a look at our 7 part series on protecting your home for a one week plan to prepare your home and family for wildfire.  Then use the helpful resources on our website to learn more about wildfire safety!

Wildfire Preparedness Week, Day 1: Clean Your Roof and Gutters!

Wildfire Preparedness Week, Day 2: Cut Your Grass!

Wildfire Preparedness Week, Day 3: Expand Your Defensible Space

Wildfire Preparedness Week, Day 4: Choose Firewise Plants

Wildfire Preparedness Week, Day 5: Now that You’re Ready, Get Set!

Wildfire Preparedness Week, Day 6: Go! Create an Evacuation Plan

Wildfire Preparedness Week, Day 7: Help a Neighbor, Organize a Neighborhood