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Sleepy Hollow Chipper Days: September 7 & 8

Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection District, Ross Valley Fire Department, and Fire Safe Marin will conduct door to door, curbside pick-up chipper days September 7 and 8, 2016.   Clean up your property to create defensible space and help prevent wildfires in Sleepy Hollow, then we’ll dispose of the vegetation at no cost to you!  This service is available to Sleepy Hollow residents only.

Date(s): September 7 & 8, 2016
Time: 9AM-5PM
Location: At the curbside in front of your home.

For questions about the chipping service, please contact

Summer Chipper Days

Register online (see below)!  

Chipper days are available to residents of Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection District only.   If you live outside of the district, please inquire with Ross Valley Fire Department for upcoming chipper days at your address.

What Will The Crews Remove?

Chipper crews will dispose of up to 5 yards of cut vegetation at no cost (approximately 4’x4’x8′, stacked).  Larger quantities must be pre-approved.  EMAIL for instructions.

Crews will dispose of larger materials that won’t fit in your green waste cans (1″-6″ diameter limbs, brush, branches, etc).  Grass clippings, loose leaves, soft vegetation can’t be chipped and must be disposed of in your green waste cans. 

Chipper Zones

Find your zone and register online today!

Sleepy Hollow is divided into 4 chipper zones.  Please locate your home’s address to determine the correct zone and date for chipping.   You must register online or our crews will not dispose of material at your address.  

If your address is not listed, you most likely live outside the boundary of the Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection District.  Please contact us if you believe there is a mistake.  Click here to view zone map.

Zone 1 (September 7)
Register Online  (zone 1 only)
Street Numbers
Butterfield Rd 1317- 1435 (odd only)
Crane Dr all
Dutch Valley Ln all
Estates Dr all
Garden Rock Rd all
Greensburgh Ln all
Ichabod Ct all
Knicker bocker Ln all
Manitou Dr all
Mather Rd all
Sulphur Spa Rd all
Tappan Ct all
Tappan Rd all
Tarry Rd all
Van Ripper Ct all
Van Winkle Dr all
Whiteplains Ct all
Zone 2 (September 7)
Register Online  (zone 2 only)
Street Numbers
Butterfield Rd 952-1500 (even only)
Green Valley Ct all
Hidden Valley Ln all
Irving Dr all
Luzanne Cir all
Martling Rd all
Sleepy Hollow Dr all
Van Tassel Ct all
 Zone 3 (September 8)
Register Online  (zone 3 only)
Street Numbers
Angela Ave 1, 4, 87
Baltus Ln all
Butterfield Rd (643-1315 odd only)
Catskill Ct all
Deburgh Dr all
Forrest Ct 20, 24
Katrina Ln all
Legend Rd all
Michael Wy all
Oak Knoll Dr all
Raven Rd all
Stuyvesant Dr all
Timothy Ave 29, 36
Van Hooten Ct all
W Oak Knoll Dr all
Wilder Dr all
Zone 4 (September 8)
Register Online  (zone 4 only)
Street Numbers
Butterfield Rd 644-950 (even only)
Butterfield Ln all
Fawn Dr all
Fawn Ct  all
Deer Hollow Rd all
Oakcrest Rd all
The Alameda 443-522
Quail Way all
Fox Ln all

Chipper Zones


View map in a separate window

We will conduct and additional DROP-OFF chipper day in the fall.  Thank you for helping make Sleepy Hollow a safer, FIREWISE community!